Are you tired????

No more distractions. No more stumbling blocks. No more giving in. No more trying to fit in. No more abusing my body. No more hiding behind a mask. No more people pleasing. No more hanging out. No more slacking. No more settling. No more riding the fence. No more over thinking. No more being late. No more unbelieving. No more fear. No more worry. No more captivity. No more living paycheck to paycheck. No more comparing myself. No more regrets. No more condemnation. No more debt. No more holding back. No more lies. No more sadness. No more low self esteem. No more impatience. No more headaches. No more sickness. No more EXCUSES.

Hello to.....
More grace. More love. More faith. More strength. More light. More trust. More favor. More blessings. More understanding. More hope. More listening. More wealth. More healing. More opportunities. More doors opened. More prosperity. More boldness. More integrity. More character. More celibacy. More knowledge. More wisdom. More meditation. More revelation. More manifestation. More peace. More purpose. More assignments. More visions. More dreams. More excellence. More disciples. More restoration. More focused. More miracles. More truth....Jesus is the TRUTH.

Thanks for reading!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


  1. Powerful, concise, introspective! Thanks for letting God use you.

    1. All the glory belongs to God, thank you for reading! :)